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Yogananda’s Healing Techniques

March 31 - April 2

Yogananda’s Healing Techniques
with Dr. Aditya, Kuizad & others, 
31 March-2 April 2017

Trying to overcome various kinds of suffering by the limited power of material curative methods is often disappointing.  Only in the unlimited power of spiritual methods may man find a permanent cure for physical, mental, and soul disease.  That boundless power of healing is to be sought in God.  If you have lost your health, you can be healed through His power…  All things are possible with His help.” — Paramhansa Yogananda.

When avatars such as Yogananda come to this planet, they come not only to uplift their disciples with spiritual truths and teachings, but also to uplift all humanity by helping us to live with greater health, happiness and prosperity. Because of their clarity, such teachings are particularly valuable in today’s world. Please join us for this special weekend dedicated to Yogananda’s teachings on health and healing techniques.

Topics covered:

  • The origin & cause of disease
  • The power of music, chanting, sound & mantras
  • Yogananda’s heliotropic healing methods
  • Principles of “Right-Eatarianism”: what to eat and how
  • Spiritual qualities of foods, and Master’s Flower Essences
  • How to Pray Dynamically, Healing at a Distance
  • Exercises to boost and control your life force
  • How to protect yourself and strengthen your aura
  • Yogananda’s teachings on sleep, relaxation & rejuvenation
  • Mental healing & affirmations, and the healing power of thought
  • “Worry fasts”, conquering fear & anger, destroying depression

—————————  Schedule —————————

Friday 31 March
4:00-7:00 pm           Registration (also Chai at 5:00-5:30, Meditation at 6:00)
7:00                        Dinner
8:00                        Vibratory Healing: Music, Chanting, Sound & Mantras

Saturday 1 April
7:00-8:30 am           Group meditation practice, or “How to Meditate” class
8:45-9:30                Breakfast
9:30-10:45 am         Registration, Chai & Refreshments for late arrivals
11:00-12:00 pm        Understanding the Origin & Cause of Disease
12:00-1:00               Principles of Diet: “Right-Eatarianism”
1:00 pm                   Lunch
3:00-5:00                 Working with Thoughts, the Mind & Emotions
5:00-5:30                 Tea Time
6:00-7:00                 Group meditation practice, or “How to Meditate” class part 2
7:00                        Dinner
8:00-9:00                 Movie: “Finding Happiness”

Sunday 2 April
7:00-8:30 am           Group meditation practice, or “How to Meditate” class part 3
8:45-9:30                 Breakfast
10:30-12:30 pm        Working with Life Force, Energy & Will Power
12:30-1:00               Meditation
1:00 pm                   Lunch and farewells


Rates of Accommodations

Room Type

Shared Room

Rate (Fri dinner-Sun lunch)

Rate (Sat breakfast-Sun lunch)

Fully Furnished

Rs 3600 / person

Rs 3000 / person

Sparsely Furnished

Rs 2800 / person

Rs 2400 /person

No room: Day classes only, including lunch & tea Rs 600 / person / day

For more information on Accommodation and reservations contact:
[email protected] or call 9011069792, or 7066028051