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Yoga For Emotional Health

June 3 - June 5

Meditation & Ananda Yoga for Beginners : Yoga For Emotional Health
with Latha & Acharya Dharana, 3-4 June 2017

“Yoga is an art as well as a science. It is a science, because it offers practical methods for controlling body and mind, thereby making deep meditation possible. And it is an art, for unless it is practiced intuitively and sensitively it will yield only superficial results. The essence of Yoga is the silence and receptivity that the practice of the techniques induce in the mind.”

“The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the Spirit lies its greatest joy.”  —  Paramhansa Yogananda

Meditation is one of the most natural and yet profoundly rewarding of all human activities. Meditation not only reduces stress and improves physical and emotional well-being, it can help you be more focused, productive and calm regardless of outer conditions.  Ananda Yoga works with your whole being – body, mind and soul, to help you get in touch with your inner being in a relaxed and natural way. Ananda Yoga is an excellent practice as a preparation for meditation, to help make your meditations deeper and longer.

During this program you will learn:

  • How, why, when & how long to meditate
  • How to sit comfortably, even for long meditations
  • Two classic methods to still the mind, & how they combine in the technique taught by Yogananda
  • The value and practices of prayer & chanting for deepening meditation

You will also learn yoga routines to:

  • Build flexibility of body and mind
  • Unlock blockages and balance the flow of energy
  • Calm your heart & emotions to experience even mindedness
  • Develop inner strength and stillness

About Latha: Latha is passionate about inspiring students to deepen their practice and learn yoga in a safe and enjoyable way. A Yoga Alliance certified Ananda Yoga teacher with over a decade of teaching & practicing, and a certified Coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF), she brings a very encouraging and practical approach to her classes.

About Acharya Dharana: Dharana served in Ananda Palo Alto (California), Ananda Assisi (Italy) and Ananda India, before becoming the sole resident Acharya at Ananda Kriya Yogashram in 2015. Dharana views and presents the eternal truths of yoga from a scientific perspective, due to his education and successful career as a Silicon Valley programmer and engineer.


Book Online: Book Now
(Pay Rs 1000/- now to book your spot, balance payment can be made by cash or credit/debit card on arrival.)

Rates of Accommodations

Room Type

Shared Room

Weekend (Sat morning class-Sun lunch)

Extended Weekend (Fri evening-Sun lunch)

Fully Furnished

Rs 3000 / person

Rs 3600 / person

Sparsely Furnished

Rs 2400 /person

Rs 2800 / person

For more information on Accommodation and reservations contact:
[email protected] or call 9011069792, or 7066028051

Testimonials by past students:

“I love Ananda Yoga as it brings relaxation and calmness in my body and mind. I feel very joyful and I feel a rising of energy in my spine in every pose. I specially enjoy the affirmations as they keep my mind focused on a positive thought and gives it direction instead of getting scattered.”
— P.K., Pune.

“I thank you with all my heart for taking me through the path to meditation laid by the great gurus. Your selfless sharing and devotion has touched me deeply. I have never met a teacher with so much commitment and patience towards a learner. Thank you so much for helping me find my way to peace.” — A.R., Mumbai

————————— Program Schedule —————————

Saturday 3 June
10:30-11:30           How to Meditate Class 1 – 60 mins
11:30-12:30           Yoga Session 1 – 60 mins
12:30-1:00             Meditation Practice – 30 mins
1:00-2:00                Lunch
2:00-3:00                Free time
3:00-4:00                How to Meditate Class 2 – 60 mins
4:00-5:00                Yoga Session 2 – 60 mins
5:00-5:30                Tea Time
5:45-7:00                Guided Yoga & Meditation Practice – 75 mins
7:00                         Dinner
8:00                         Movie: “Finding Happiness”

Sunday 4 June
7:00-9:00 am         Guided Yoga & Meditation Practice – 120 mins
9:00-9:45                Breakfast
10:30-11:00           How to Meditate Class
11:30-12:00 pm     Discussion: Bringing our Practices into our Daily Lives 30 mins
12:00-1:00             Guided Yoga & Meditation Practice – 60 mins
1:00 pm                   Lunch and farewells