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God Alone
The Practical Wisdom of Sister Gyanamata
28-30 July with Nayaswami Devarshi, Brahmachari Jemal and Acharya Dharana

“She is of God, and God is with her. I hope that you might all have a little of the understanding that she has.” — Paramhansa Yogananda

Paramhansa Yogananda’s most advanced woman disciple, Sister Gyanamata, left behind a spiritual treasure-house filled with gems of clarity and wisdom to shed light on the difficulties that come to us in life. Most of those gems are contained in the book “God Alone,” which was also her life-long ideal and motto.

During this weekend retreat we’ll highlight and discuss some of the most helpful spiritual gems in this book, and how we can apply them to help integrate and express our spirituality in our daily lives. We’ll focus primarily on:

  • Right Attitude
  • The Guru-Disciple Relationship
  • Loyalty
  • Devotion
  • Courage
  • Endurance

—————————  Acharyas —————————

About Nayaswami Devarshi: A long-time Ananda teacher, Nayaswami Devarshi was leader of the Kriya Sangha for many years. He’s served the Ananda communities in Seattle, Assisi, and Ananda Village. He has taught throughout the United States, as well as in Italy and Moscow. Devarshi also served on Swami Kriyananda’s personal staff for seven years and as Webmaster and creator of Ananda’s award-winning website. In 2016 Devarshi shifted to India to lead the Ananda monks.

About Brahmachari Jemal: Jemal has been a part of Ananda India since 2005, leading the Ananda monks here in India for most of that time. He’s also given lectures and classes throughout India. Currently he’s in charge of Ananda’s Kriya Home Study program, where he works with students throughout India, assisting them to prepare for receiving Kriya yoga.

About Acharya Dharana: Dharana served in Ananda Palo Alto (California), Ananda Assisi (Italy) and Ananda India, before becoming the sole resident Acharya at Ananda Kriya Yogashram in 2015. Dharana views and presents the eternal truths from a scientific perspective due to his background as a Silicon Valley engineer.

—————————  Schedule —————————

Friday 28 July
4:00-7:00 pm         Registration (also Chai at 5:00-5:30, Meditation at 6:00)
7:00-7:45                Dinner
8:00-9:00                Welcome & Orientation

Saturday 29 July
7:00-9:00 am         Energization & Meditation
9:00-9:45                Breakfast in Silence
10:30-12:30 pm     Discourse with panel of speakers
12:30-1:00             Meditation
1:00-2:00                Lunch
3:00-4:30                Discourse with panel of speakers
4:30-5:00                Chai
5:30-7:00                Energization & Meditation
7:00-7:45                Dinner
8:00-9:40                Devotional Kirtan

Sunday 30 July
7:00-9:00 am         Energization & Meditation
9:00-9:45                Breakfast
10:30-12:00 pm     Discourse with panel of speakers
12:00-12:30           Questions & Answers
12:30-1:00             Meditation
1:00 pm                   Lunch and farewells

Accommodations & Rates

Room Type

Shared Room

Rate (Fri dinner-Sun lunch)

Rate (Sat breakfast-Sun lunch)

Fully Furnished

Rs 3500 / person

Rs 3000 / person

Sparsely Furnished

Rs 2800 / person

Rs 2400 /person

No room: Day classes only, including lunch & tea Rs 600 / person / day

For more information on Accommodation and reservations contact:
[email protected] or call 9011069792, or 7066028051