Accommodations & Rates

We have three kinds of accommodations at our yoga retreat to suit your needs. Please find the rates of each option below:

1. Fully furnished Cabins (Kutirs)

A cozy little studio with a living room, 1 bedroom, a bathroom (with hot water) and a small kitchenette – just perfect for a couple or an individual.

Kutir Living Room Kutir Kitchen & Bedroom
2. Fully furnished Duplex Rooms

An artistically designed  spacious room with a bedroom on the “mezzanine” floor (loft) with an attached balcony and the living room on the ground floor with an attached bathroom (with hot water) – perfect for the entire family, a couple or a group of friends.

Guest Room Guest Unit
3. Sparsely furnished rooms

Come live the simple life of a yogi, with a simple bedroom and an equally simple attached bathroom (with hot water).

Sevadham1 Sevadham2

Rates of Accommodations – Daily rates


Room Type

Rate (per night)*

Sharing Basis Single Occupancy
(subject to availability)

Fully furnished Cabins (Kutirs) / Duplex Rooms

Rs. 1200 per person

Rs. 1800

Sparsely furnished rooms

Rs. 780 per person

Rs. 1200

Above rates include all three vegetarian meals, 30 minutes meditation class and any regular activities at the community during the day. Children 12 and over are counted as adults; 6-12 will be charged at 50%; and below 6 stay for free.

You are welcome to come and visit us for the day and enjoy the pristine surroundings of our retreat center.
Day use rooms (10 am – 6 pm) are available @ Rs 600/person.

Long Term Discount
Stay Duration Discount (%ge)
2 weeks+ 25%
1 Month+ 33%

Additional long term discount is available for Ananda Kriyabans who want to stay at our retreat for more than one month. Please contact us for details.


Rates of Accommodations for Retreat Weekends

Room Type

Sharing Basis

Full Weekend
(Friday dinner-Sunday lunch)

Late Arrival Weekend
(Sat. Breakfast – Sunday Lunch)

Fully Furnished

Rs 3500 per person

Rs 3000 per person

Sparsely Furnished

Rs 2800 per person

Rs 2400 per person

You can also attend the Saturday / Sunday classes as a day guest @ Rs 600/person/day

Personal Seclusion Packages

(full private room without sharing)

Room Type


Per Day (flexible) 3 Days 7 Days 14 Days

Fully furnished Cabins (Kutirs)

Rs. 1,800

Rs. 5,400

Rs. 12,500

Rs. 18,500

Sparsely furnished rooms (limited availability)

Rs. 1,200

Rs. 3,600

Rs. 8,400

Rs. 12,500

Contact us for bookings or further information.

  1. In view of India’s moral and family traditions regarding marriage in particular, we require that unmarried couples, whether or not engaged to be married, reside in separate quarters.
  2. Recreational drug or alcohol use is strictly prohibited.
  3. Loud, disruptive or otherwise objectionable conduct is not permitted – guests are requested to be respectful of others’ spiritual practices and peaceful rest.

For more guidelines please CLICK HERE